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Garmin vívomove HR, Hybrid Smartwatch for Men and Women, Silver/Sea Foam

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    Garmin Vivomove HR Review!
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    Garmin’s newest fitness watches add payments, GPS, apps
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    Garmin Vivomove HR Unboxing HD (010-01850-22)
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    vívomove HR: Getting the Most Out of Your Device
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    Garmin Vivomove HR In-Depth Review!
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    Garmin vivomove HR Hybrid Smartwatch Hands On
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    Garmin Vivomove HR: Stylish Smartwatch with a built-in heart rate sensor
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Fashionably fit is just a tap away with vívomove HR. This stylish hybrid smartwatch features a touchscreen with a discreet display. Precision hands show the time and dynamically move away when you swipe through your messages, heart rate and more. It counts your steps and calories while monitoring wellness, including all-day stress tracking.

Customer Reviews

Garmin VivoMove HR (Sport) – Almost Perfect.

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 on October 28, 2017
By pBear
We pick up VivoMove HR (Sport) from BestBuy couple days ago (instead of Amazon because BestBuy has the watch now) and the initial impression is, we like it. Coming from VivoSmart HR, we are looking for a lightweight and easy to use activity tracker that has some extra features (time, alarm and notifications). GPS and golfing are not essential features for us. We like our VivoSmart HR, but it is not the most elegant activity tracker (ugly) in the market. VivoMove HR looks like a modestly priced watch (maybe a sub hundred dollar Timex?), feel light, comfortable and much more attractive than VivoSmart HR. Set up is a breeze with Connect app and all functionalities work as advertised. Coming from VivoSmart family, you will feel right at home. Love the “Do Not Disturb” feature especially if you use it as sleep tracker. Compare to VivoSmart HR, vibration intensity for alarm and notifications is much lighter at medium setting, but you can set it to high. One major concern that we have is the screen readability, especially under the bright sunlight. Compare to VivoSmart HR, the texts are less legible, mainly due to the reflection from the glass (hint to Garmin, anti-reflection coating).

Glad I Switched

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 on November 3, 2017
By Glinka
First off, if I could give it 4.5 stars I would. I really like this watch. There are a couple of things that bug me about it, but overall a nice watch. I initially had a Gear Fit 2 Pro that I ordered from Best Buy, but I decided to exchange it for a few reasons: 1. The Gear’s watch face simply would not light up when I looked at it half of the time. I enjoy all the features that smart/fitness watches offer, but I do need the watch to work 2. Battery life: Samsung advertised a 3-4 day battery life, but I was getting maybe one day…And that was on days that I did not work out 3. It just did not look like something I would want to wear to work…It isn’t ugly, but it did not have the elegance I was hoping for Now on to the Vivomove HR… Pros: 1. Elegant look: I’m not ashamed to wear it to work 2. Notifications work well: It took me some effort to adjust what notifications I want, but the notifications work well 3. Battery life: So far so good…It has gone about 3.5 days using about half the battery (I have not done an intense run yet though) 4. Garmin App works well 5. Pairs with MyFitnessPal 6.

Worth the purchase

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 on July 15, 2018
By Brittany F.
I’ve had this watch about 2 weeks now. I love it. I get compliments on it all the time and then when I show them that it is an activity tracker it really blows their mind. I love the look, the feel and it works well with my business casual attire better than my fitbit. I have had no issues with the anakog hands keeping time. The only critiques I have are 1) can’t see the digital face when it’s really sunny. Not a big deal, just a inconvenience. 2) the Bluetooth radius is not very long. I live in a condo and when I am moving about the house I constantly get notifications Bluetooth connected then not connected then connected again. Other than these 2 items, blows my fitibits that I have owned out of the water.

the "smart"watch i’ve wanted all along.

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 on April 20, 2018
By IBuyTooMuchStuff
this is the “smart”watch i’ve wanted all along. i am an android user and had the Asus Zenwatch 3 for the last year and a half. since the Android Wear 2.0 update the watch has been horrible – inconsistent battery drain (sometimes would die from 100% in 3-4 hrs) and inconsistent charging when connected to the proprietary charger. even on a good day, it needed charging overnight EVERY night. i realize for MY use case (YMMV), i only glanced at it for time, date, steps taken, and quick weather info most of the time. yes, i would occasionally read texts and receive notifications as well, but i notice i almost always have my smartphone an arms length away anyways so this was not that necessary (would grab my phone to read more detail anyways).

The best but far from perfect. Ideal for the office.

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 on October 10, 2018
By Detail Focused Reviewer
This is not a product category that has a lot of well thought out, fully baked products. Smartwatches can be useful and fun but can also be flakey, complicated, amazingly bad at simple things, and visually hideous. Garmin has a pretty nice product in the vívomove HR that rarely leaves my arm with some real strengths but also some all too common (among smartwatches) flaws. I think it’s the best product on the market but I am still constantly annoyed in small ways and bewildered why simple things are not done properly. Before I list a bunch of negatives, please keep in mind many of these negatives are industry wide issues. Garmin may not be pushing innovative approaches in this watch but it’s comparatively pretty great. As such, I’d only compare this to similarly detailed reviews of other smartwatches or best for someone looking at this vs living without a smartwatch. Pros: -Battery life is awesome. A week in actual use if not more. It’s plenty. It’s at least twice as much as plenty. -The hands show the time, all the time. They also move out of the way (minute hand goes to 10minutes and the hour hand goes to 10 hours) which is cool to look at when you utilize the screen.

Slick, Light, Good Battery. A good hybrid.

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 on May 10, 2018
By Ibrahim
I did a lot of research and knew what I was getting into. The tiny screen is not very sharp, it’s black and white, and you can only read the first few words of a message. That’s all I needed. I wanted an analog watch with basic fitness tracking and the ability to see my notifications without pulling out my phone. This does the trick perfectly. I’ve coupled it with a few leather quick release straps and it looks nice enough to wear to the office. You don’t get all of the functionality of a full lcd smartwatch, but if that’s what you wanted you wouldn’t be looking at a hybrid. This seems to be the best of both worlds as of 5.10.18.

Worth the upgrade!

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 on May 8, 2018
By PunkyLoserJess
I only just started using this watch, but so far I’m kind of in love. I was really hesitant to get a smartwatch in the first place. I had been using the Garmin Vivofit, the really cheap one, just for steps and sleep, but the physical watch broke to the point that it was starting to become uncomfortable and the digital face was starting to go, only for me to find out the battery was almost dead anyway. So, I ponied up and got a proper watch and it’s great! I love that it looks like a regular watch! I’m still getting used to all the features, but really happy it take into account ALL my activity, not just steps. And that I can control music and see messages on the watch is fun! Only downside is that the bluetooth doesn’t always like to play nice, but that could be my phone. I’m not 100% on what’s going on there. Will update further down the line…

Classy and Smart!

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 on June 15, 2018
By Megan
So I have only had it for a day but I love this watch already. I love that it actually looks like a piece of jewelry instead of a computer on my wrist. If you are wanting a watch that makes calls and send texts then this is not for you but if you want a watch that looks classy and tracks your fitness plus gives you notifications from your phone then this watch is for you! My favorite feature which also doubles as my most annoying feature is that the watch will tell me to MOVE! If I have been sitting for a long period of time. I have a desk job so it tells me that a lot! And each time I get up and move a little to make it happy which is also good for me to do! This watch does everything I want it to do and then some more. I hope this helps anyone that is currently looking for a smart watch that doesn’t look like a smart watch. I would highly recommend this product.

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